Truth is a Gift

To associate with only the physical body, with the materialistic ideas of life, the false pleasures, with form itself, is to fulfill the egoic mind and what it wants. To disassociate from these things, to come back to know the Source, to still recognize one’s sense of self but not solitarily, to see that one is consciousness itself; the observer; the essence; the stillness; the force behind breath, and not the body that breathes, is to begin to reach what some call “enlightenment” or what some call “truth.” It is both things all at once because these are only words to give an associated name.

A person is born into this world thinking they must define themselves based on what they already know. They are given a name. They come to be aware that they have a body that is supposed to develop based on a standard. They are awarded for good behavior, reprimanded for bad. They are told “don’t be this” and “believe this.” Without realizing it, they are molded by the systems around them, and one day, they start questioning who they are. They do not know, and, how could they?

They never got the chance to know, until they come across a phrase that tells them that underneath all of the illusions, the layers, and labels, they are “nothing.” They might ponder this, maybe even liken the idea of this.

So, they are determined to understand what “nothing” could mean and why it sounds so appealing. This is part of “enlightenment.”

Truly and undoubtedly, this is the deepest knowledge one must quiet the egoic mind to see. Once the awareness is present, there is no longer association with one’s name, face, body, social class, school major, friend group, trauma, depression, and the biggest one of all, thought. At one’s core, they are not empty, but they are this great “nothing,” belonging to everything. There is no longer fear of death or concepts created to be feared because like time and other man-made concepts, one comes to know they do not exist. They are part of the illusion.

Your soul has a special mission. Your soul is supremely conscious of it.

Maya, illusion or forgetfulness, makes you feel that you are finite, weak and helpless. This is not true. You are not the body. You are not the senses. You are not the mind. These are all limited. You are the soul, which is unlimited. Your soul is infinitely powerful. Your soul defies all time and space.

Sri Chimnoy

The ego can be silenced, proving it is not real. It is only ever noise. The stillness speaks before the voice of the ego can even exist, creating a space it can fill with its noise, and then, it can be recognized, realized, and reigned in.

It all comes from stillness.

Like a tree, at our center, we are still. We can channel this stillness physically. We dance in the wind of life; our branches moving to the sensations and with the flow. Either way we are whole.

Wisdom comes with the ability to be still. Just look and just listen. No more is needed. Being still, looking, and listening activates the non-conceptual intelligence within you. Let stillness direct your words and actions.

Eckhart Tolle, “Stillness Speaks”

With the illusionary life’s demands to speak over the stillness, the ego forms. And thank goodness for the ego or else we would not know life without it. We would not know the truth.

There is only ever consciousness and its expressions. The ego is a result of form trying to identify with the false sense of self. Our authentic self is divine consciousness experiencing itself in this form, in this density. There is no separation at the core. Consciousness is perception. It is not our ego which brings about perceiving. The ego is perceived by consciousness.

The ego is our sleeping self, the one which says ‘yes’ to chaos and ‘no’ to stillness. It seeks for something to cling to, to identify with, in the external and conceptual world of searching for what cannot be found anywhere but within. Waking up from the ego brings our souls the freedom it possess all along.

Presence is knowing that we do not need to be controlling or always know what is going to happen. We must simply observe and let it be. Trust that the flow is and that it is as it should be. There is only letting the ‘moment’ come to be present with it. A grounded state in the now.

Enlightenment does not separate you from living. It teaches you what it really is, waking you up to life. “Life” is not something to define or something to fear because it will “end.” Life is an adventure, a lesson we are here to learn from as the human bodies we are given. It is not a mystery to solve, but a gift, as we find the stillness and listen to the truth it has always been whispering in our ears.

-Brittany T.

Our Complete Liberation in Remembering Who We Are

In an effervescent gleam of companionship, we are indebted to each other. We are dancers. We are a song that is sung by voices both quiet and loud. We are the expression of the universe, not precise, but without any doubt, loose and ever-shifting.

I once believed it was incomprehensible, this reason for existence. Like water, it could flow through me and I could recognize it, but never know it. I could name it but never let it stay. I was distracted, consumed by the alternate, which is falsification of truth; water that has been tainted.

So I sought the streams that were still pure, and purified even, if they were out there. And I realized because really all streams, at their core, are never contaminated, they were always there. The contamination(s) come after alternatives are fabricated.

Of all the days we spend likening the idea of touch, of passion, and subsistence of skin and bones, we spend most wishing it away, and taking advantage of our physicality.

Still, we are born into this game fighting it. We kick and scream and cry, then begin pondering about our whereabouts and origins, not understanding that where we came from is beyond our initial perceptions. And love, after all, is so contorted in our visions as we age, as many notions are. Missing the chances to breathe on our own, relying on touch to feel validated, alive, we exist loudest in our own minds, but only as clouds, and clouds form, then dissipate.

Some of us are here wondering about what rests between us and what we don’t ever see. We’re wondering what we’re here to do, why we’re existing as a question to ourselves. Sometimes we hear the answers in our prayers, however we pray. Some pray in words, from hands that deliver and create turmoil. In this deliverance and creation, we are begging for nothing. Thinking and feeling are only bridges for us to cross, to step over, to elevate from and climb towards a sense of floating above. And as we float, we can see it all. This seeing is more like vision in a state of sleep than in wake because it is glimpsed, then remembered fully so it may remain.

With staggered understanding, we live in the light of this seeing. This light, a force to be reckoned with, grows, and allows us to see what is; to recognize the line we’re walking, the path we’re striving for, as it is invisible, we are fermenting such stoic existence. And they will call this only summations of a platitude, only dust in the sea of false solutions to life and its suffering, because life is pain, friend, and nothing more. But this painful life is illusion, for our existence remains truest in our spirit, apart from thought, and how we exert our minds onto the world is the life you will read about in such things as poetry. Poetry is the effort to understand and comprehend all of it.

In writing, in its poetics, I have found how to live. From it, I have created my truth:

I turn to the page, pour out my heart and my guts and my pain, and then it feels a lot lighter. I’ll always believe that writing is the key to truth, and the way I can find myself. It feels like jumping into the wind, knowing as you do, no matter what, your feet will safely touch the ground. It is also sometimes grinding the grit into even smaller particles; an impossible process that is the last thing you want to do but you know that you must. It is sometimes bringing out the monster from its cage and going through that fear again only to realize it isn’t real. It is releasing the lion from its den and taming it before it turns wild. And then, you send it out into the jungle. The words are there, and they are meant to be set free, as they set you free just the same.

This freedom is constant once it is fulfilled. It enhances revelations that reveal the divine existence, the unbothered devotions, the love that stems from nothing but gratefulness for the chance to live and experience love. Without this freedom, we remain lost. We never uncover the wildness in this freedom, in the opportunity it gives to allow oneself disappearance into one’s own great unknown: the truest self, forever a part of the trees growing, color-changing skies, shooting stars, rivers flowing, tearful laughter, and everything; everything in all its grace. To live in this grace, basking in its unifying nature, knowing how it flows through everything that thrives under the sun and in-between, is to exist fully, to fulfill freedom, and to complete the liberation in remembering who we are.

-Brittany T.

The Importance of Self-Expression

Imagine living a life being afraid to express yourself. Imagine never letting anyone see who you are. You’re trapped inside these imaginary boundaries you’ve created for yourself because you’re not sure what would happen if you stepped outside of them. You live ONLY in wherever your comfort zone is.

Those poems you wrote, those pictures you took, those paintings you made, that sculpture you created, or whatever it may be, you are afraid to show it off to the world. You feel a sense of pride and accomplishment for them, but you’re worrying to yourself, “What if everyone else hates it? What if I suck?”

There will always be people ready to criticize. This is something everyone comes to realize and accept in their lives. Whether you’ve faced the critics and disapproval already or not, it will happen. If it doesn’t stop you from doing what you love, you know you’re doing it right.

Those people don’t know what it’s like to be self-expressive. They’ve suppressed whoever they are, for whatever reason, and they’re only trying to make you feel as horrible about yourself as they do about themselves. A lot of the time they don’t realize how their willingness to hurt others comes from their own hurt.

Expressing yourself IS terrifying. If you do it, like really do it, by going out of your comfort zone, then you beat the fear. It’s always going to happen in steps, though. You’re not going to be able to go to an open-mic poetry night and read your poems right away, unless you’re one of the few who are brave enough. That’s okay. Most of us who have been writing poetry for years still are not ready to go that far out of our comfort zone. Sometimes it takes someone else urging us to do something like this to actually do it, which is good.

We need those people in our lives; the ones who somehow inspire us to express ourselves.

You will find those people, and there’s a good chance that you already have people like that in your life. Think about it.

Don’t be afraid of rejection or critique. How do you think every other artist made it? They faced a ton of negativity towards their work. They were rejected. They might’ve believed they were terrible and never going to make it at some point, but they did. No matter how big they became, their art was given a chance. If you want this you have to chase it down. Build up your confidence and gradually let go of that fear. You will make it. I believe in you.

-Brittany T.

Moon Thoughts

I watched the moon rise in the sky tonight, until it was just above the trees. But the way it touched the clouds, too, casting both light and shadow over their underbelly was what took me. They looked like deep waves with ripples as black as corners in the dead of night; rising and dipping in majestic creation.

The moon disappeared behind the clouds until it was revealed again; sometimes only fractions of it, but there was always a dim glow it left behind. A constant wonder to revel in.

I have grown up always so taken by the moon; somehow feeling connected to it. I used to watch it at night, thinking, what is like there? What is the moon? Is she silent?

It didn’t take much for me to wonder. I think I just wanted to taste the freedom in my thoughts; which thoughts were leading me to my wonder, to my song, or to my truth? What I didn’t understand then was that there are no rules.

There are no rules about thought: you don’t have be controlling them because in doing so they only control you. Just be, let be. And let nothing stop you from being.

I understood this once; probably once for the first time on a night I can’t remember now. How far I have lived since this day, and it even feels like a lifetime.

I wondered, maybe in writing this, if this sensation could occur somewhere like the moon. Was it so different there? It is still life, after all, or to our understanding: once maybe a host to it? Whether it gives life or was once of life or is still doing both though we are unable to see it, it is still there bestowing a light upon us, allowing us to see and know the stars; to recognize what we’ve come from and what looks over us in the most constant way; and now to see them in our minds when it is daylight; to even feel and know them in ourselves. What a marvel in itself. Surely the moon is a host of reflection; a giver of the light operating the universe. And this light I am witnessing with my own two eyes, I would think, and still do. What a blessing that is; a gift.

We Need to Wake Up

We are all the same:

An inner dialogue, a longing for understanding, paper cuts that seemingly bleed more than other wounds.

How are we not already aware of the fact that we are good for each other? That we can help each other survive? That we are all in this together? That, with our awareness and intelligence, we have the opportunity to keep this world as beautiful as it is in its natural state, and still be able to live prosperous lives?

How corrupted we’ve become, how we’ve lost sight of the truth, how we have come to believe in isolation and become blind to our unity with each other, with the universe, and, in a non-selfish way, with ourselves?

We think that we are all in this alone. We think we are our minds, that we are defined by the thoughts that float through them. But we are not. We are vibrating so much higher.

But we are still wanting more. We are wanting to keep distracting ourselves, still needing to stay far away from the truth because it doesn’t boost our social image.

But we need to take a step back and look at who we really are, what we’re really worth, what we’re really meant for. We need to empower ourselves, love ourselves deeply, and to treat ourselves and this world with love and kindness and compassion. It starts from within.

We hold the power to make fundamental and effective changes because of the way that our minds work. What we believe, we live. What we think, we become. We need to think more clearly. We need to want less and give more, and give more to ourselves in the same way, giving only the light and the love that are within us.

We need to see it.

The realization I’m non-directly talking about is one that would wake us up. Our collective consciousness would be involuntary and as a result, the world would benefit and grow in such a substantial way.

We are all learning something everyday, no matter what that might be. The trials we face are sometimes painful and strange, but once we come out of the fog, we realize why it was worth it, and why it is just part of our human experience. Though in individual ways we all experience life differently, as no same exact story can happen the same way for two people, we still learn the same things, and it is up to us whether or not we listen to these lessons and if we see them for what they can be for us.

Learning consciousness, meaning the awareness that we are not the only thing happening on this planet and that we have the opportunity to serve a greater, higher purpose to create a better life and a better overall global environment, is a difficult thing to do. Society often times distracts us. We are intrigued by all of the little ways that it offers us fulfillment, though these sources are always temporary and always contradicting if viewed clearly. We are sucked in, and we have forgotten the true reasons for living. We neglect the powerful love that we can live with if we only choose to.

And this is why it matters for us to know that we are unified, that our souls are all searching, that we are all wanderers in this great universe, and that we are all made from the same elements within it. Only human beings have reached and evolved into those that acquire this consciousness (as far as we know) and this means more than most of us realize right now. Some of us are waking up, and I hope it continues, because the more who do, the likelier it is that our future will be better and that we will finally be a peaceful, joyful species, that enjoys life simply for what it is and what it is offering, how much beauty is around us, how precious our energies are, how rare our existence truly is, how there is so much we don’t know, how there is so much we have yet to wake up to.

We are one and we have the chance to know this. We have the chance to go forwards instead of to continue going backwards. We have the opportunity always there to live with consciousness and an awareness, to love what is within it, what is around us, and what we already have without having what we think we need more of to be satisfied, or, in other words, with what has also always been within us.

We already live with the love we’re searching for within us. We need to follow the promise of our true natures as the free spirits that flow through us.

We need to wake up.